Holiday Pieces

Were a 3D type of company so it only made sense that we create a 3D holiday piece. Since our first one back in 1983 these little creations have become quite the collector's item.


Our electronic newsletters started out innocent enough, but before you know it they were full of rants, digs, sarcasm, and potty humor. Judging by the positive feedback that's just what people wanted. Let us know what you think.

Food Porn

We started taking photos of our lunch time cook outs just to rub it in to our friends, past employees and family. This eventually lead to humorous file names, which then lead to the term "food porn". Maybe if your lucky you may be invited to one of our "porn shoots".

Car Stuff

Whether we're all at the track or just throwing a random cruise night out in our parking lot, there seems to be an underlying car obsession around Palumbo Associates. Combine that obsession with our food obsession and you've got one hell of an event.

30th Anniversary

In 2008, Palumbo Associates turned 30. What a better way to celebrate than to throw one big ass party for all of our clients, employees, vendors and friends. If you were too drunk to remember the party these pics should jog your memory.